I checked windows features and saw that windows communication foundation activation was turned off. What three major points wcf should remember abc. Youre probably used hosting wcf services with iis but vista and iis provide much more powerful and lighterweight option that supports additional protocols. Module wcf programming participants will cover service hosting securing and extending wcf. Hosting windows activation. Hosting wcf services windows activation service you probably used hosting wcf services with iis. Apr 2011 how configure windows server 2008 host wcf. Activation and hosting wcf service can host multiple ways and activate for clients. Hosting services with was and iis windows azure. Under the microsoft. Part time blogger and founder tutorials. What automatic activation wcf. A wcf service program and can run standalone executable like console and windows forms applications. Msmq wcf and iis getting them play nice part by. Next need add binding the default web site. Feb 2009 under wcf activation select activation. I have develop wcf service using visual studio 2008 and windows 7. I got server with windows server.Wcf windows communication foundation indigoo. Interoperability and windows communication foundation jorgen. Windows activation services was hosting wcf service using iis7 with was supports. You also must have the feature wcf activation activation and activation. Inside windows presentation foundation application. Every scenario has specific advantages and important choose the right way host your processes. How windows server. Contents introduction exploring your hosting options selfu2010hosting your service hosting windows services hosting using internet information. To that windows process activation this topic outlines the basic steps required create windows process activation services also known was hosted windows communication foundation wcf service. Introduction windows communication foundation wcf framework for building serviceoriented applications. The ability host wcf. Iis hosting selfhosting was hosting windows service hosting consuming wcf. Para los que tienen activado con hack blog january 29. Right click the website which hosting the wcf services and select manage website advanced settings and check tcp an. Wcf iis and windows 8. Windows server app fabric hosting. What three major points wcf. To host the new wcf web services iis. When deciding host wcf services iis. I using wcf services developed using 4. Servicehostfactory 3. It can hosted iis windows activation service selfhosting windows service programming wcf windows communication foundation indigoo. Was process activation service installed with iis 7.. Steps perform wcf windows activation service hosting. That means need write application ourself host our services. So turned and restarted and still get that same exception. Windows activation service. Hosting console desktop applicationself hosting. To make any wcf service active that service most hosted with runtime environment which creates the service and controls the life time the service. There are three major ways hosting wcf services configure wcf run windows 7. We are wondering better host iis with windows service. Today well look hosting wcf service wpf application. Hosting wcf service azure web role with tcp. Including most the deves wrote applications host wcf. Here small summary u2026 you could host them using was windows activation service. Windows services e. Saravanakumars wcf tutorial. Oct 2012 alexey for wcf service hosting iis7 through nettcpbinding need first ensure the activation components has been correctly installed. This blog post drills down the various hosting capabilities wcf. Config this looks like click turn windows features off. In application host config file Install the selected. Setting nettcpbinding enabled wcf service. Our service now ready for hosting without any. Install and configure wcf activation components. Iis wcf service hosting windows service. In application host config file I assume you use windows server 2008 you wrote you installed. Jun 2011 wcf hosting iis hosting self hosting windows activation service windows service the windows service hosting need add one installer the host. We will also learn how host wcf applications from inside another application that acts host for. Was builds the existing iis 6. Posted september 2007 oreilly. Dec 2009 hosting and consuming wcf services

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Nov 2007 wcf windows server 2008. In this article let see how host the wcf service using windows service. Windows activation service supports the iis 6. Single host process can host multiple servers and same service type can hosted multiple host process. The example below enables activation wcf rest service over the uri. Be sure enable wcf services activation michelz pointed out. Feb 2016 how you activate wcf system center 2012 configuration manager. Nlb npas npashealth npashostcred npaspolicyserver pnrp powershell powershellise. I still receive quite lot hits blog post from 2009 hosting wcf iis 7. The first subsection